Pan-American Lacrosse Association Secures Headquarters and Fields In Partnership with Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing

Auburndale, Florida - The Pan-American Lacrosse Association (PALA) is pleased to announce a partnership with the Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing (PCTSM) of Central Florida. This partnership, the first announced by PALA, will allow PALA to establish headquarters at 2701 Lake Myrtle Park Road, Auburndale, FL. 

The partnership will also provide PALA access to 11 fully lit grass fields, with plans to establish two designated fields marked for Olympic play. 

“This is a game changing partnership for PALA,” said Katherine Loh, Secretary General of the Pan-American Lacrosse Association. “Mark Jackson (Director of PCTSM), Marc Zimmerman (Senior Sales & Events Manager) and Bill Braswell (Polk County Commissioner) are all very supportive of the vision I described to them. With this facility available to PALA and our headquarters established in a world class facility, we have really accelerated our ability to execute our strategic plan.”

The Central Florida location will allow PALA member countries to schedule games and tournaments 12 months of the year. The meeting facilities, which can accommodate 16 to 100 people with full media capabilities, is ideal for General Assembly meetings. 

“Getting our first major sponsorship in the form of access to our own physical space is a sign of greater things to come,” said Calbert Hutchinson (President of Jamaica Lacrosse and Competition Director of PALA). “We are mindful that our overall success depends on us developing and growing the sport of lacrosse in our member countries.”

“This partnership will allow us to continue growing the sport in our region,” said Mariano Flores Leyes (General Manager of Argentina Lacrosse and President of PALA). “Having a HQ in such a great location and also available fields will serve to open our competition, and allow us to schedule events all around the year. We are beyond excited and look forward to the great things that are yet to come.”

The Pan-American Lacrosse Association is the third Continental Federation formed under the auspices of the Federation of International Lacrosse. The Federation of International Lacrosse is responsible for the governance of lacrosse and provides support to the overall development of the sport worldwide. The Pan-American Lacrosse Association covers North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. Current Board Members come from Lacrosse National Governing Bodies of Argentina, Mexico, USA, Peru, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Iroquois Confederacy and the Haudenosaunee Nation. The Federation of International Lacrosse recently received provisional recognition status from the International Olympics Committee. The goal is to field Olympic lacrosse teams to LA 2028. 

Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing is the official tourism and sports marketing division of Polk County, Florida. Located in the center of the state, Polk County is within 100-miles of 9-million Florida residents, half of the state’s population. They are located between two major international airports, Tampa and Orlando, which provides easy access for domestic and international visitors.

To see more about Lake Myrtle Sports Complex please see the video below.



Drone footage of the Lake Myrtle Sports Complex in Auburndale, Florida. The video shows the new location and headquarters of the Pan-American Lacrosse Association in partnership with Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing.

From left to right, Mark Jackson (Director of tourism and marketing at Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing), Katherine Loh (Secretary General of the Pan-American Lacrosse Association), Bill Braswell (Polk County Commissioner), Marc Zimmerman (Senior Sales and Events Manager for PCTSM). 

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